Cheese, You Mean More to Me Than You Know

I love cheese. Years ago while a vegetarian, people said the next phase would be to become vegan, but I knew that would never happen. I love cheese way too much. When I started trying new foods, I discovered the abundance of cheese varieties and the amazing flavors developed when paired with wine, fruits, preserves, etc. Since my palate at the time was just evolving, I knew this was only the beginning of beautiful symphonies of flavors to come, and they did. 

In 2013 I took a trip to France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Cheese there is a huge culture! I was in heaven. I got to try delicious cheese pairings. Everywhere I went I tried their cheese and charcuterie plate. I also got into wine, another beautiful piece of culture in Europe. Then, i learned a couple of things about cured meats (post vegetarian), I loved pairing those with my cheeses and wine. Then there was the baguettes. Walking down the streets in France and Italy, I began to appreciate like never before the smell of fresh bread (Inhale). Ahhh. 

Since, I’ve only gotten crazier about cheese and charcuterie platters. I can spend an hour at the cheese counter trying different ones. My time limit is basically when I start to notice the frustration from the person behind the counter. Like, “c’mon lady, you’ve sample 50 types of cheese, just pick one!” Then there is the difficult decision of which prosciutto to pair with what. I mean, how can you NOT go crazy? Holidays are especially exciting because large parties mean bigger platters and more variety. This, however, was true until about a month ago. 

See, I started a tradition with some friends. Every month we get together for a wine and cheese night. Of course, someone who loves food as much as I do can only have friends with similar interests. This means, our wine and cheese nights turn into a real holiday party (minus the holiday) with everything from cheese and wine to elaborate cured meets trays, fruits, vegetables, olive tapenades, nuts, fruit preserves to dessert! 

It’s a great time with my friends and we continue learning about how to best pair our wine and cheese. We learn about each and laugh a whole lot! One of the many reasons I love food so much, it brings people together and you make memories, memories that my friends and I will take with us for years to come. 


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