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Sweet or Savory: Which holds the key to your heart?

It was a pleasure  to try some goodies from a follower who has a great culinary future ahead of her! Our friend Giorgia from Baking by Giorgia was kind enough to share her baking with my friends and I yesterday. I mean, can you think of a better way to kick off the weekend? Thanks GG!
She made for us a breakfast quiche and almond biscotti, mmm. It was the perfect combination of sweet and savory on a Friday morning. 
My favorite of the two was the biscotti, but then again I’m bias because of two reasons: 1. I love, love, love a sweet morning pastry with my coffee and 2. I am a huge biscotti fan. That reminds me, after having made some orange-cranberry biscotti 2 weeks ago, I got a call requesting a batch for a dinner party tomorrow. So, you may see some more biscotti pictures coming your way (again you ask? yes, but you know you love it so really I’m doing this for you!). 
I’ll start off by sharing with you my experience with home-made quiche. I really loved the crust, it was a buttery-crunch delight that carried the bold and savory ingredients from the quiche very well. I appreciated that I could actually see the ingredients in my every bite. Seriously, I’ve had quiche where the ingredients are so broken down that I spend half of my meal time trying to poke at the food hoping it will tell me what it is. Like “Hey, you little piece of green-something, what are you? hey, can you hear me? speak already!” I can tell you that I saw and tasted the spinach, sausage, onions and mushrooms without having to wonder what I was eating. I like chunks of goodness surprising me while I eat. Personally, I tend to like a lot of cheese on everything. The more cheese the better. In a quiche the more cheese it has the… tighter it is? I guess I feel like it really holds on to everything else and it’s less eggy. So really that is my only critique. Overall I really enjoyed it. As you can see in the picture I had myself two little pieces. No really, they were small. I needed to save room to have the biscotti for dessert after my breakfast quiche of course. Yeah…my fat kid had a field day for sure!

The biscotti was almond and vanilla dipped in chocolate. It was so good I had a big piece. Okay, I had three of them, but not at the same time! I made sure I spread them out throughout the day. Yum! (hashtagnoregrets hastagyolo) Anyway, as I was saying, the biscotti was amazing. It was the perfect color, crunch and amount of chocolate. I wished the almonds on the chocolate were smaller chunks or even toasted sliced almonds, but what do you know I ate them either way. The best part was dipping it in my coffee and letting all the flavors melt in my mouth. I mean really? Can you think of a better way to start the day?
I recommend you check out Giorgia’s culinary creations by visiting her website or Facebook page. Mmmm, enjoy! Oh, and let us know if it was love at first bite!

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