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My Love Affair with a Coffee Alternative

A few months ago after getting rid of an H.Pylori infection along with all of my good gut flora thanks to a 10-day dose of antibiotics, my stomach and lining have not been the same. I’ve been left with issues like acid reflux and bloating which have forced me to find alternatives to some of the things I love the most until my flora can be restored (or so I hope!). One of the loves in my life is coffee. In the mornings I most look forward to my hot cup of coffee (black, no sugar). Sometimes I can’t wait to go to bed just so I can wake up and have it again. Except now in my current health condition I’ve notice that when I have coffee it irritates my stomach and it can cause issues for a week.

So, in my quest to find even lower levels of acid in coffee because what I had was just not low enough, I found a coffee alternative that I absolutely adore. Just to give you some background about me, I am a bit of  coffee snob so for me to accept another (for the time being) to replace the real deal is a BIG deal.

Teeccino is a product that is made from: chicory root, dates & figs, ramon seeds, barley, carob, dandelion root, among other natural flavors such as herbs and spices. It really doesn’t sound like it would be anything life coffee, but it really is! The grind is ready for the coffee maker or french press, and even the color is on point. The one thing that is missing is the aroma that coffee has that can fill your entire home and get you out of bed in the mornings…aah.. or is that just me? Right.

Anyway, until I can fully recover, I plan to stick with this and maybe even keep it around since it seems to also have great health benefits and antioxidants. I’m excited to try their other flavors. Currently I am drinking their french roast blend and I love it. So, while it may not be forever, this affair with Teeccino is definitely keeping this coffee fiend satisfied.



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