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Vegetarian Brunch Date Sandwich

There is really something very special about a meal that happens between breakfast and lunch. It’s the perfect middle for those of us who love to sleep in, but absolutely love breakfast. It’s happened so many times that I wake up too late to make it to the good restaurants with the breakfasts and brunch you don’t want to miss. Most places stop serving their early wonders by 2 P.M. I have never understood why…after all it’s the weekend! Are we not entitled to sleep in AND have a good meal too? Must I be forced to a lunch menu and miss out on my coffee and eggs?! I say NEVER.
That’s why I came up with a perfect quick fix.After all, why rush out of the house when you know you will be that first to hear those words you dread to hear, “We’re sorry, just are no longer serving breakfast.”  (Ahhhhh!)

First thing is to prepare the egg just right. I prepared mine over-easy because I love to place the top bread down and the deliciously warm, yolk will ooze all over and create the sauce type consistency that ties together the flavors in every bite. For those of you who don’t like the yolk as much I (apparently) do I’m sure it will still taste good if you fry your eggs. I used a slice of american cheese and let it melt over my eggs, then I toast some honey wheat bread to add some sweetness to my sandwich. I slice some tomatoes, crack some black pepper over top it with some greens and Voila!
If you are a meat eater I would recommend using a slice of turkey or chicken, cook the slice over  pan until it’s warm and place over the cheese so it can all stick together nicely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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