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Craving it: The Fresh Garden Taco

This month I made 3 years since I took on the vegetarian lifestyle. On several occasions, I’ve had friends and family members come up with the great idea, while trying to decide what to eat, to make a run for tacos at the local taco truck. You know those mini, perfectly assembled tacos that with their delicious flavor force you to stuff your face until you can’t breath? Unless this is just me???

Well, recently on one of my “taco cravings” I created a recipe that now has a place in my book:The Garden Taco. As seen here The Garden Taco is crated with all things that can be found in your garden or your local produce market, like it is in my case. If you are not the expert at taking a corn and transforming it to a tortilla, Romaine lettuce is an alternative. Just make sure you wash off these beds of lettuce thoroughly and you got yourself a garden tortilla crafted by nature itself.
This dish will not, I repeat, will not require meat. If you’re still interested continue reading.

This is what I used: carrots, potatoes and mushrooms (pick your favorite mushroom). Iff you are one those who must have that meat consistency in a taco or you will not even consider eating it, then try a ground meat substitute. This can be found at your local grocery store along with all the other vegetarian/vegan products. These can be helpful when transitioning from being a meat eater to a vegetarian.
Now let’s get to cooking! What I did was take the potatoes and chopped into tiny cubes. This will allow the potatoes to cook faster and create a nice crunchy outside. Chop the mushrooms and carrots the same way so the ingredients can mix with each other nicely. Sauté together adding salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle some finely chopped parsley. Cook until the potatoes have a nice hue of crunchy brown. Taste and listo!
Pour the veggie ingredients inside the lettuce and there you have it. If you would like to make some green salsa follow the recipe below:

  • Take 3-4 tomatillos (these are the small tomatoes that are inside a soft shell), wash thoroughly
  • Cook the tomatillos until they take on  yellowish color and are soft. 
  • If you like spice, cook along with 1-2 chiles serranos until soft.
  • Blend the chiles and tomatillos with 3/4 onion and salt (continue tasting until the salt is just right for you)
  • On the side chop fresh cilantro and 3/4 onion into small cubes. 
  • Once the sauce from the blender has cooled pour the cilantro and chopped onion into and stir together. 

Now that you got yourself a nice green salsa for your garden taco, enjoy! Oh, and feel free to serve with tortilla chips, after all you did just make some salsa!


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